About StatMyWeb

StatMyWeb is an excellent free service and set of tools which you can use to analyze any website. Whether you are a webmaster, site owner, marketer or researcher, StatMyWeb can help you gain deeper insights into the sites you browse or own.

StatMyWeb was started in 2011 by CW Web Properties LLC. It has grown to provide detailed stats about all the top websites and domains. We acquire information about websites from reputable data partners and sources such as Amazon's Alexa, Quantcast, Azure Data Marketplace, Google Search and Safe Browsing APIs and other major search engine APIs. The information is then analyzed, organized, ranked by various criteria using our own algorithms and indexed by StatMyWeb so it can be presented as a comprehensive report that is easy for anyone to understand. Depending on the popularity of the web sites, data is updated daily, weekly and monthly, or on-demand when a refresh request is made by a user.

StatMyWeb will help you gain a better understanding of any website and its competition. You can use StatMyWeb to explore website information and history and to find out when a website was created, where it is hosted, how much it is worth and where it ranks on the web. StatMyWeb also shows estimated site visits, Alexa and Google Page ranks, keyword ranking, geo tracking, domain name analysis, indexed pages and link analysis.

In addition to the website evaluations and statistics reports, we also offer dozens of free tools and resources for domain and IP information, and SEO tools which you can use to find out even more information about any website. We are constantly adding new and advanced tools to help our site visitors know about the sites they visit or use the information to improve the performance of their website and make their online marketing efforts more effective.

We would love to get your input and feedback. Please feel free to contact us with your feedback or comments.